In Praise of the East Front of the Louvre


During a recent visit to my hometown of Paris I was able to admire one of my favourite buildings: the Louvre, and more specifically its splendid and often overlooked east front.

This baroque façade never fails to impress me with its elegance and its beauty. A central arch crowned by a pediment, linked on either side to two pavilions by a magnificent colonnade. There is a beautiful sense of rhythm and harmony between the different elements, emphasised by the pairs of Corinthian columns and the mirroring pilasters on the wall behind them.

Originally designed as the main entrance to the Palace, this magnificent façade with its fine carvings is today largely ignored by visitors, as most of them approach the Louvre from its west side, where the pyramid stands. If you haven’t already admired it, make sure you do next time you are in Paris, I will accept complaints on this page if you are not suitably impressed.